Passionflower: Plants for Unwinding


Passionflowers have viney tendrils that encircle branches and fences, like an anchor in a wall, helping the plant to climb high towards the sun and bloom. Likewise, this vine helps us create a mental anchor to pause cycles of circular thoughts, move beyond our ruminations, and regain a sense of calm and clarity.

This summer I'm growing passionflower vines in my garden and keeping their soothing medicine close as we slowly transition and re-establish what 'normal' might look like in our current world. Connecting with passionflower is a daily reminder to pause, ground, and unwind amidst daily stress and worry.

I originally made a different version of this print for the portfolio project Trazando Las Lineas/Tracing the Lines. This project intends to raise funds in support of the Center for Pedagogy and Action in Puerto Rico. This print features two Puerto Rican Passionflower species-- Passiflora Tula & Passiflora Laurifolia.

This new color version is screenprinted in four colors--a light lavender, warm peach, sage green, and a deep plum--on French Paper. The print is 16" x 20". I've been moving studios and got help screenprinting from Headlight Press, who did a beautiful job!