Gay for Plants prints on paper


Gay for Plants! These two color Risograph prints were printed in hot pink and red on cream paper.

This print looks at the plant worlds' sinuous curls, hard cones, hairy spines, and deep cavities as inspiration for transformation. Drawing on both, botanical forms in nature and the undulating synthetic forms of sex toys, this print looks at potentials for reinvention, collaboration, and interconnection. Many of these plants thrive in the most challenging environments, such as the pitcher plant, which captures insects as prey for sustenance in their nutrient deficient soils-- resilient and thriving in swamps and bogs.

These magic prints are approx. 11 x 11". Printed by my buddy, Mary Tremonte at Lavender Estero Studio in Pittsburgh, PA in 2022. There will be slight variation from print to print because that is the magic of the print process.