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How to Fall Apart and Come Back Together, Folded Fortune Teller

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How to Fall Apart and Come Back Together is a four color screenprinted and folded fortune teller, originally printed as part of an installation at Neon Raspberry Gallery in Occidental, CA.

This fortune teller invites us to explore our capacity to transform.

While falling apart is typically marked by loss, grief, and distress, this piece gently asks us what if we allowed ourselves to come undone. With the tarot card ‘The Tower,’ a building crumbles to reveal the unsteady parts of its foundations and to allow for a new and stronger building to be rebuilt.

This fortune teller asks us what can we shed?.What old parts of ourselves no longer serve us? What new forms can we envision for ourselves in their stead? Following in the footsteps of our queer and trans fungal and plant kin, we can shapeshift and transform. This fortune teller is an art piece, print, and piece of queer magic which asks us to make space to pause and reimagine reimagine ourselves beyond the limits of our body.

This piece is 18" x 18" unfolded. It folds into a small square and comes with gentle directions you can choose to follow.

The directions come with the piece and are as follows:

Choose a Form of Dissolution and Spell it out.
Choose an Elemental Being to Embody Your Reconstitution.
Pick Your Fortune !

This listing is just for the fortune teller. If you would like to have gloves to use with be in touch <3


I have a few misprints with slight variations and imperfections that do not effect the overall appearance of the design.